Do you know about Little Free Libraries? They are, essentially, a box on a pole in a neighborhood that kindly readers fill with books so that other kindly readers may partake of them. Mississippi has about 50 of them, and we’re getting copies of Sycamore Row into all of them!

Thanks to an army of booklovers and general helpers-out across the state, including librarians, friends, and friends’ moms, every Little Free Library already has a copy, or is set to receive one soon (the last of the books was mailed out this morning!). If you have one in your neighborhood, stop by and see what you can find. All copies of Sycamore Row have a greeting from the Mississippi Reads team and an invitation to come to this site and participate in the discussion!

Here’s one of the Jackson Little Free Libraries all set up with Sycamore Row:

LFL with SR