marg walker

Mississippi Read-ers, I am ready for cooler weather, for cooler weather is reading weather. I hope you’ll join us in reading Margaret Walker’s This is My Century, 100 of the author’s poems that run the gamut from her earliest work to her latest. I’m interested to see how a book of poetry does for an online discussion. My hunch is that it’ll work well — those of us here on the posting side can find a poem we connect with, or don’t connect with, and ask you what YOU think. And I hope you’ll tell us!

We’ll also have the support of the Margaret Walker Center at Jackson State University posting here from time to time, which I know will be a great addition!

Margaret Walker was born in 1915, and it’s fitting that her centenary celebration is called This is My Century and that we’ll read her book of the same name this fall. To learn more about Margaret Walker, visit the Margaret Walker Center here, or continue to visit this site as we explore her work!