If you’re like me, when you read historical fiction you end up needing to know more about the time period. Here are some links and resources on topics we encounter in The Scribe.


Crash Course in U.S. History: Reconstruction and 1876 by John Green on YouTube
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow: Reconstruction on pbs.org
Seven Books on Reconstruction” by Katharine Whittemore from the Boston Globe

Atlanta History:
Atlanta’s Washerwomen Strike of 1881
History of Atlanta Railroads on YouTube
Cotton Exhibitions on YouTube

Cultural Events:
Listen to snippets of popular songs from 1881! (While perhaps not in the best format, it’s still interesting to listen to the top hits of the time.)
A list of popular books published in 1881 from Goodreads

I also thought this was an interesting read:
The Story of New York’s First Black Police Officer, Told with the Help of Langston Hughes” by Mosi Secret from the New York Times