Pearl and Myrtle will have their book chat soon, but if you’d like to participate, please discuss any or all of these questions in the comments below!

Research the destructive effects of Hurricane Camille, which in 1969 devastated the Gulf Coast. Why do you think Henley chose to set Crimes of the Heart in the shadow, as it were, of this hurricane? What does Camille represent for each of the major characters and thematically to the play as a whole?

Consider Babe’s legal position at the end of the play. What do you think is likely to happen to her? Draw from your understanding of Barnette’s case against Zackery and Zackery’s case against Babe, From your own perspective, how do you think Babe will change as a result of this event and what do you feel her future should rightly be?

Contrast Lenny’s and Meg’s life strategies: how do they each view responsibility, career, family, romance? How spontaneous or not is each one?

Discuss the use of food and drink in the play — the kinds the characters consume and when they choose to consume them.

How do secrets play a role in each character’s life?